Powering businesses to the last mile.

About the company

Angaza technology empowers distributors to make life-changing products accessible and affordable to individuals in emerging markets, even those who live on less than $2 per day. With affordable access to livelihood necessities like solar lights and clean cookstoves, people without access to credit or traditional banking services can start on a path to financial inclusion.

Interview process

📳 Introductory phone screen

If your resume caught the eye of one of the recruiters, your interview process will start with a phone screen. The conversation will mainly be about your resume, past experience, and what to expect of Angaza.

🎫 Take-home project

If there is a good mutual fit, then the next step will be a take home project. Angaza will provide a take-home project that is similar to actual technical problems faced by engineers at the company. You will have as much time as you want to complete the task.

👔 Onsite interview

If the take home project goes well, you'll be invited onsite. You'll get a tour of the office and afterwards talk with some engineers to go over your design choices on the take home project. Afterward, you will be asked some additional system design questions.