Building trust on the internet.

About the company

Aptible sees a future where it's easy to bring a great idea into the world using the internet, while respecting data security and privacy. The next generation of businesses will design security and privacy into their operating processes. If every business is going to be a software business, every business will need to be a security business.

Aptible is working to make information security a core competency of every startup. They envision a world in which startups have access to great information security, are empowered to focus on their business instead of on compliance, can scale faster and more efficiently, and are confident that they're creating quality products.

Interview process

☎ Introductory video call

The interview process will kick off with a video call introduction instead of just a phone call. This gives you face time with your potential coworkers, and give Aptible a chance put a face to the resume they have taken a liking to. Great way to get first impressions and see if there's a fit for each other.

💻 Technical video call

If there's a mutual fit, then the interview will progress to a technical video call. This may all likely entail an algorithm question, or be something more broad like system design.

🔩 Take-home project

Next up is a take-home project. The assignment will be tailored to get a better understanding of how you structure problems and solutions.

🗣 Discussion-based interview

Once the take-home project is completed, here will be one more interview to go over what you did in your take-home project. Additionally, this will also be a time for you to learn more about the mission and culture of Aptible.

📜 References

If all is well, then all that is left is to provide three references, preferably from former managers.