Helping creators and crowdfunding backers connect.

About the company

BackerKit makes creativity happen. They give entrepreneurs and makers the tools to bring their projects to life. And they empower creators by letting them focus on doing what they love, while they take care of the rest.

Interview process

📱 Introductory call (or coffee)

If the resume seems like a good fit, Backerkit will reach out to set up an introductory phone call. This will be standard fare, talking about your background and the role at hand and determining if there is a good mutual fit. If you are in the area, it can also be done in person over a cup of coffee.

🎢 Onsite day with the team

If things seem like a good fit, then you'll be brought on onsite for a round of interviews. When you first enter HQ, you will have a conversation with the head of engineering over things like the tech stack and the engineering culture. Next you'll pair up to build a hash in Ruby, working with another engineer to collaborate on a solution, with you mostly leading the way. If the hash turns out great, then you'll get to tackle a live ticket as a pair to build something in the BackerKit codebase. This exposure to the codebase will let you see how it really is to work at BackerKit.