Building a language for deployless backends.

Software Engineer

San Francisco or Remote

Frontend Engineer

San Francisco or Remote

Infrastructure Engineer

San Francisco or Remote

Developer Experience

San Francisco or Remote

📚 About the company

Dark's mission is to democratize coding by making it 100x easier to build software, so the next billion people can code. They aim to accomplish this by making a programming language that helps create deployless backends and minimize accidental complexity.

Their main headquarters is in downtown San Francisco, but they also hire remotely. They're a small team that is growing fast: although currently at eight total headcount, they have openings for at least eight more.

🙋‍♂️ Interview process

They believe deeply in inclusion, and that starts at our hiring process. That means they aren't going to ask you to do whiteboard coding of some arbitrary problem. They have a different process that they're always striving to improve, but one they think is empathetic instead of arbitrary.

🦔 Introductory chat

First you will have an introductory chat with the CEO, Ellen, about your goals and how they fit in with the role you are applying to and the broader vision of Dark.

😎 Technical discussion

From there, you will have a brief technical chat with one of the engineers at Dark - about past projects you worked on or going deep on any technical topic you find interesting. They think that the hardest part about software development is communication of concepts, so this is your time to show off not only your knowledge, but also your ability to convey it.

🖊 Show off your coding

Next up would be an opportunity for you to show them your best. There are a variety of options here to show off your programming abilities. You can share some previously written code, whether it is a repository you like or homework you had to write up for another interview. There are also take-home problems you can tackle. If that's not your speed, they can instead do another technical interview that has more of a coding focus.

💳 Paid one-day contract

The last step of the process is an on-site for a one-day contract. They strive to make this as close to the day-to-day working environment as possible. You would come in and get ramped up on the codebase and be asked to help implement a couple of real tickets. Real work warrants real pay, so they will also pay a fair stipend in exchange for your time and expertise.