Helping students find jobs across America

About the comapny

Handshake is the college career network of the future, built to transform the recruiting experience for college students, career centers and employers. Their mission is to democratize access to opportunity: to help every college student find the right job for them, no matter where they go to school, what they’re majoring in, or who they know.

Interview process

📞 Introductory phone screen

As Handshake is all familiar with how interviews usually start, they play along with it by having a introductory phone screen. This is a time to go over your application or resume, as well as ask things about the company.

📱 Technical phone screen

If the introductory screen showed promise, the next step would be a technical one. This may involve an algorithm problem, and shouldn't take any more than 45 minutes.

🤝 Onsite

The onsite follows a successful technical phone screen. After making your way around the HQ you will pair up with an engineer to build a web application. This will reveal whether or not you find yourself compatible with the practices at Handshake, as well as let Handshake see if you are good with collaboration. After the webapp is fleshed out, there will be a code review on it to show how Handshake usually keeps code compliant. The final part of onsite is talking with the hiring manager about the values and the missions the company has.