Creating transformational education designed for a lifetime of learning.

About the company

Minerva Project is a leading educational innovator, providing top-tier higher education offerings to the Minerva Schools at KGI and other educational partners. Founded by Ben Nelson in 2012, Minerva has intentionally designed an education system comprised of an active learning pedagogy, scaffolded curriculum, and proprietary online, live seminar learning environment, Forum.

Interview process

📞 Phone screen

If your application goes through and you meet their expectations, they'll reach out to schedule a phone call. This will be just a way to kick off the process.

🏚 Take-home project

With a close in the phone conversation they'll hand off a take-home project to complete. It shouldn't take that long, but it will serve as the base for your onsite.

🎡 Onsite

If the take home project base looks promising then an onsite date will be set up. The day of, you will be paired with a few engineers. You will be primarily working on extending the take-home project, through paired coding, refactoring or system design.