Making software that helps individuals and teams pursue meaningful work, together.

About the company

Parabol believe organizations exist to serve people and manifest change. And that organizations are able to do their best work when that work feels meaningful to every teammate. Each person should understand how their contributions ladder up to something greater than themselves.

The old models for organizing and working together are becoming obsolete due to ever-increasing speed, scale, and complexity. Organizations of all sizes – and in all categories – need tools to adapt to this new world; digital tools that promote adaptivity and responsiveness, but also experimentation and transparency.

Interview process

☎ Introductory phone interview

Parabol starts the interview with a conversational phone call. It is mainly centered on how there could be a mutual fit. Ultimately this will decide what role you'll play in the company with your skills

📞 Another phone interview

If there seems to be a good fit technically for you, then the next phone interview will be more about culture. This helps both you and Parabol see if you are aligned in values.

👨‍💻 Codebase-project

If there is both a cultural and technical fit, then Parabol will eagerly take you on board. This will be a temporary period where you work on the real problems, all the while making sure you feel this is a good fit for you as well as Parabol. If it is, then you'll just easily transfer into a full-time engineer.