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Sticker Mule

Making the Internet's best printing company.

About the company

Founded in a small factory in Upstate NY, Sticker Mule supports thousands of customers with online printing orders. Their team works from 17 countries in 4 continents. They all want great work while maintaining a stress-free work environment that's designed to attract like-minded people who enjoy the culture.

Interview process

⚙ Take-home project OR provide past code samples

Sticker Mule wants to provide you options, but more importantly they want to see how you are as a developer before moving forward. In a way, this just another screening, and should be relatively simple if you do have previous code to share.

📞 Introductory phone screen

If Sticker Mule sees solid coding practices within the code you submitted, then they'll start by reaching out for a phone call. This phone call will let you get insights into the company, as well as allow you to ask any pressing questions.

📱 Technical phone screen

After the introductory screening, the discussion will shift to more engineer oriented matters. They will want to go over the code you submitted, which will expose you to the software engineering practices of Sticker Mule and see if you're comfortable with collaboration and criticisms.

🐎 Closing Interview

After the technical evaluations are done, you will have a final interview with VP of HR. This will probably detail further into about how Sticker Mule runs and what is expected to maintain culture and control among other things.