Inspiring and driving people forward.

About the company

Tandem is a technology and innovation studio that specializes in strategy, design, and development. They create custom software that inspires people and drives business forward. Ultimately, they want to do work that changes the world for the better.

Interview process

📝 Application

Tandem wants more than your past experience and skills from you when you apply. The first step in their process is to fill out their application form. You will be asked a few questions on that form. They want thoughtful responses and will disregard applications without them. Things such as:

  • What is the last thing (language, library, technique) that you learned and why?
  • Why do you feel that Tandem is the right place for you?
  • How did you first become interested in programming?

📞 Phone Screen

If the responses show a mutual fit, Tandem will follow up with you to schedule an initial phone screen with one of the engineers. They won’t be grilling you on database design but are interested in learning about your career trajectory, professional experiences, and what interests you.

🏠 Take-home project

If that goes well, Tandem will send you a take-home code challenge. You will have 7 days to complete your challenge and submit it. Take your time on completing it, for it will be a topic of conversation in the follow up.

📱 Phone conference

Once the take-home project is submitted, they'll schedule a 1-hour review call where you will meet with 2 of the engineers to talk through your problem-solving approach and decisions.

🤝 Pair-program live problems (onsite or remote)

Finally, the last step in their process is to do a pairing interview with you. You’ll have the chance to pair with many of the people on the engineering team, tackling problems with real clients. If you’re in the Chicago area, they'll bring you onsite and you’ll also have the chance to grab lunch with the designers to see how engineers and designers work together.