Changing the way people write.

About the company

The future of writing is knowing how well your words will work before anyone else reads them. To power this revolution, Textio is building an augmented writing platform.

Interview process

📞 Initial phone screen

If interested, Textio will reach out to schedule a phone screen. In this screening, the topic of focus will be past experience as well as what interests you in the role you've applied for at Textio.

📱 Take-home project & techincal screen (on-site or remote)

Next up, you'll be given a take-home project to do, which you will later go over as part of a technical screen. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, you are welcome to drop by the office to continue the interview process, otherwise you can do it remotely. This one-hour technical phone screen is focused on digging deeper into technical tasks similar to the problems you would be working on at the company.

🏡 Another take-home project

If the first take-home project passes the bar, then a larger take-home project, simulating real work, is assigned. You use all the resources that you might use on the job.

👔 Onsite

When you get the larger take-home project done at your own pace, you then come in and spend an hour with the Textio team, walking through what you did. After the presentation you will have additional 1on1s to talk about your concerns and how you did.