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About Introview

Introview is about connecting interested engineers with prospective teams. It works by providing a simple and uniform way of finding and exploring the important facts about a team, from the interview process to whether the envionrment is remote-friendly. It was created to help companies showcase their processes and values loudly and proudly to the world, giving each one an equal voice regardless of size.

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Creating a team is quite simple, and anyone can do it! Email us as with the following information, and we'll get back to you in a jiffy with the next steps.

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  3. Interview process for prospective engineers
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  5. Remote friendly? Remote first? Remote only?

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If a profile for your team already exists, it was because we thought your interview process was great and added it ourselves! If you would like to add extra details, your open job postings, or otherwise change what we got currently, just email us at and we'll fix you up.